Zachery Adam’s Mission ~ Close On Time, Every Time!
More Than Your Mortgage Lender, We Want to Be Your Home Buying Partner.

Go Prime Mortgage and California Branch Manager Zachery Adam wants to be your go-to destination to get the answers you need for real estate financing and the mortgage application process. Applying for a mortgage at a bank can be frustrating if you’re not taken step by step through the process by someone who cares Zachery Adam’s mission is to remain transparent, learn everything up front, and close on time, every time.  

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Zachery Adam’s Mission Statement 

  • Provide holistic mortgage planning for every customer 
  • Offer simple, strategic solutions for all homebuyers 
  • Supply reliable services for real estate investors 
  • Educate the public on the mortgage process 
  • Keep the mortgage process simple for all customers 
  • Inform real estate agents of the latest mortgage news 

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Our Mission: To Close on Time ~ Every Time

Go Prime Mortgage will provide mortgage solutions that are complete, inclusive, educational, transparent, honest, and sincere. Zachery Adam is the complete package and will work with you consistently and personally while you buy your California home 

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Our Vision is to Build Long Term Relationships 

Go Prime Mortgage is in business to: 

Build long-term relationships with homeowners, businesses and community organizations

Become involved, starting with the local communities and businesses

Create a Go-To Center for the real estate investment community

To achieve these objectives, Go Prime Mortgage and Zachery Adam vow to: 

  • Be a leader in the local Bay Area and statewide California mortgage lending industry 
  • Foster profitability by serving homebuyers and real estate investors 
  • Develop a trusted brand name in Santa Clara County and beyond that’s known for closing on time, every time 
  • Deal honestly with every California customer to ensure satisfaction 


For a complete and inclusive mortgage solution, Go Prime Mortgage will be your partner with honesty, transparency and integrity. Go Prime Mortgage is the complete package when you compare our services to banks and other independent mortgage lenders.  Apply Securely Online today.


Our Values
Integrity and Love


  • Build a Positive Team

  • Do More with Less

  • Be Open-Minded

  • Build Open and Honest Relationships through Communication

  • Be Accountable

  • Commit to Education

  • Drive Change in the Industry

  • Create Awareness in the Bay Area Community

  • Be Passionate, Determined, and Humble

We work hard to establish and maintain professional relationships throughout the California community. Markets change and opportunity will always present itself. When it does, Zachery Adam will be there to help.  Schedule a call today! 

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The Advantage of an Independent Lender 

An Independent California Mortgage Lender like Zachery Adam does not work for the banks. They underwrite most of their loans in-house. Independent lenders approve — and pre-approve — mortgages throughout California. Here are the top five reasons to talk to an independent California mortgage lender: 


While a bank can offer many financial products for a wide range of customers, independent California mortgage lenders like Zachery only do mortgage loans. Zachery Adam of Go Prime Mortgage has the knowledge and experience to match you with the right mortgage with the best rates and terms for you. 


Independent California mortgage lenders have been around for a long time, surviving the crash and thriving in the new market. Go Prime Mortgage was founded in in 2005. It’s a well-established company with the funding to find mortgage loans even for unusual mortgage applications. 


Being independent means independent California mortgage lender Zachery Adam can move faster than big banks to approve mortgages and close loans. Go Prime Mortgage can close in less than 30 days. Our goal is to close on time, every time 


Independent California mortgage lenders like Zachery Adam work directly with you throughout the entire approval process. You’ll be in contact with your lender every step of the way making the entire mortgage approval process much more transparent. 


When it comes to mortgages, a California mortgage lender can outmaneuver banks because they offer more types of loans, such as first-time VA loans and debt consolidation loans. Being a California mortgage lender, we have the expertise to find the right loan for you. 

Enjoy a mortgage process built for the modern world.

Borrowers can easily complete a loan application, upload supporting documentation, eSign disclosures, and monitor the status of their loan — in a single, easy-to-use location. Apply Securely Online

Our Sense of Purpose 

We work with integrity and love for what we do; We embrace our responsibility of dealing honestly with every California client.  

Let’s Talk 

To learn more about Zachery Adam’s mission and Go Prime Mortgage, call Zachery at 831-226-1210 or contact him online. 

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325 Soquel Ave Santa Cruz CA 95062


Zack was easy to work with and very knowledgeable. Really helped out a lot. I have already shared his name with others and felt really good about giving his name out. A solid professional. 


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