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Does Credit Repair Really Work?

Does Credit Repair Really Work? The higher your credit score, the easier you can get a loan. Your credit rating doesn’t run your life, although it can ruin it. Normally, you don’t experience any day-to-day consequences of your financial health, so it’s hard to even...

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Real Estate Trends 2018

Real Estate Trends 2018

Expected Real Estate Trends 2018 The 2018 Housing Market: What to Expect This Year Every year, there’s a lot of speculation across the industry about the home buying trends of the coming year. Real Estate Trends 2018 is no exception. There have been a lot of things...

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Gratitude Across Generations

Gratitude Across Generations

Gratitude Across Generations: How Attitude Affects Home Buying Thanksgiving Day was celebrated this year on November 23rd. Always falling on the fourth Thursday of November, this national holiday is a time where families and friends all over the nation come together...

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Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays from the Team at Prime Mortgage Lending, Inc. This holiday season we want to take a short break in writing about financing and real estate and talk a little about holiday traditions. A home in which to enjoy a cocoa by the fire, tell stories about...

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VA Mortgage

VA Mortgage

Do You Qualify For a VA Mortgage? We often hear about VA loans, but what do they really entail? In short, a VA mortgage is a loan guaranteed by the United States Department of Veteran Affairs, an office also referred to as simply the VA. But the loan can be issued by...

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Give Back

How Can You Give Back this Holiday Season? At Prime Mortgage Lending, Inc., we take pride in our community involvement. And while we believe that philanthropy and oblation should be practiced throughout the year, we understand that this is the time where acts of...

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California Real Estate

California First Time Homebuyer

Prime Mortgage Lending and Equity Services Inc.: California First Time Homebuyer Checklist California First Time Home Buyer’s Checklist Is the California real estate market really that much different than the markets in other cities? Home buying can vary greatly from...

Santa Cruz Real Estate

Home-Buying Trends While the overall California housing market is slowing as interest rates inch higher, Santa Cruz real estate listings show no signs of hitting the brakes. If anything, the market reflects a “pedal to the metal” attitude. As a result, housing prices...

6 Reasons to Consider Working in the Bay Area

If you ever considered working in the Bay Area, then you know that just looking at photos of the Bay Area is enough to steal your heart and capture your imagination. Living there’s even better! Back when gold was rushing and towns were booming, people from all walks...

California Real Estate Market Update

California Real Estate ~ Golden State homebuyers, sellers and lenders should take advantage of deals as they arise. The good news is that, after the worse drop since 1938, the U.S. economy has been growing steadily since 2010. Job growth has been stable as well,...

Employee Picks

How to Lower Heating Costs

You’d think that all new houses are built to specifications that prevent energy loss — but Americans aren’t there yet. When you’ve finally made your decision to buy a new house, whether you’re an environmentalist or not, the desire for lower heating costs may have...

Why Green Houses Are in Demand

New technologies and changing social attitudes drive innovation. By the year 2020, close to 20 percent of new construction in America will be green. About three-quarters of American builders and remodelers will be working on those green houses. And that’s just the...

6 Green Housing Trends

What to look for when considering sustainable housing The quest for green is good. That’s not an endorsement for seeking money or the perfect lawn. Instead, this quest for green reflects a growing desire to live in a more sustainable world on a grand scale — and in a...

Energy Conservation Tips

Save money on energy while preserving vulnerable earth resources. To say that West Asheville is a liberal bastion is the same as saying that Asheville is a beer town. In other words, “duh.” So energy conservation and saving the environment are high on the list of...

Millennial Myths: Why Aren’t They Buying Homes?

The Myths of Millennial Homebuyers Busted Millennial Myths: Why Aren’t They Buying Homes? As a culture, we really like to put people into neat boxes. And that is especially true when it comes to generations. How often do we talk about Baby Boomers, GenX, or...

Millennials and Current Market

Do Millennials Want Urban Experiences? Experts have been saying for a while that the millennial generation, the oldest of which have recently turned 38, are looking for an urban lifestyle. They want to ditch their cars and have convenience at their fingertips,...

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