This is Zachery Adam’s Story


After graduating from the University of California at Santa Cruz with a major in Social Anthropology, Zack began fundraising for his alma mater, eventually raising more than a $2.4 million annually. At 24, he bought a house, a transaction that changed his life. Determined to make the process easier for other homebuyers, he began his career at a big bank in California.

During this time, Zack was tapped to be a charter member on an executive advisory board which began a lifelong desire to participate in community development and a focus on education. Throughout the recession, which began in 2007, Zack remained a part of the mortgage industry demonstrating his dedication, resilience, experience, and desire to make a difference.

“There are two types of homebuyers: those who have no idea of what’s involved and those who feel like they were cheated in some way. It doesn’t have to be like that.”

Zachery Adam

Fueled by his determination, Zack challenged himself to do better. He worked hard to walk people through a difficult, often scary, process. He engaged in retail desk therapy, helping educate first time home buyers and reassure those concerned about the pending economic uncertainly. And though it all, he built skills and talents that he could take with him into the future.


After spending more than 28 years in California, Zack and his family moved to West Asheville with a desire to go out on his own in the mortgage industry. Here, he is shifted to a philosophy of work/life integration with the desire to become a part of the community in West Asheville and beyond. While he never felt he belonged in a big, corporate bank environment, he could take his skills directly to the public by building his own business and ensuring that his self was in line with his work.

It’s important to Zack that he and his business are approachable and can provide assistance to home buyers who are often inundated with misinformation about the financial picture and mortgage options. In an automated culture reliant on digital communication, it’s time to put the human element back into these conversations. He could never be behind the scenes.

“My business ethics include education, transparency and integrity.”

Zachery Adam


With this new found work/life integration, Zack is committed to providing the best services to every person who walks through his doors. Prime Mortgage Lending of West Asheville is a business run on shared values and purpose. Its mission is provide a holistic approach for each homebuyer’s experience.

Few business models in Asheville, or even nationwide, meet the criteria of synergy more effectively than Prime Mortgage Lending of West Asheville. Zack has built his business on the idea that increased effectiveness results when people work together for a common goal.

Zack loves mortgage lending not only because he gets to help people, but also because it allows him the flexibility to spend quality time with his family now and in the future.

“Working for an independent lender gives me the upper hand. What sets me apart is that I close on time, every time.”

Zachery Adam

A Family Man

After more than 28 years in California, where he got married and started a family (two daughters and a son), Zack was ready for a change. He and his wife Maha eventually chose Asheville, North Carolina, as they sought a community-driven mountain town that treasures family values and an active outdoor adventure scene.

He goes hiking and mountain biking in the mountain terrain surrounding Asheville, and he finds waterfall adventures for his family to enjoy. His work ethic and drive stem from the strength he derives from his familial bonds.

“Everything I do, I do for my family.”

Zachery Adam

Call Zack at 828.348.1907 or contact him online to talk about which mortgage loan is best for you.


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