If you ever considered working in the Bay Area, then you know that just looking at photos of the Bay Area is enough to steal your heart and capture your imagination. Living there’s even better! Back when gold was rushing and towns were booming, people from all walks of life flocked to the territories newly claimed from Mexico. San Francisco, Spanish for Saint Francis, has been an epicenter for business ever since.

Over the decades between then and now, some things haven’t changed. The draw to the location remains. People still strive to be working in the Bay Area, searching for better lives. And many find exactly what they’re looking for. Here are six reasons you may want to work here:

What Does Working in the Bay Area Offer:

1. Professional Diversity

The Bay Area sits at the crossroads of business and culture. Yet this incredibly diverse area has stayed undeniably unique by maintaining its own identity. This vast melting pot has combined so many strong cultural elements into its eclectic mix that the result is a flavor you won’t find anywhere else in the world. Whether native or transplant, people working in the Bay Area speak about it with pride.

Its diversity is evident everywhere you look — especially in the workforce and career opportunities. There’s no shortage of options for working in the Bay Area. You can literally do and be anything that appeals to you — from food service to astronomy, the sky’s the limit.

2. Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley truly is the heart and soul of the technology world. Its wonders nearly exceed the limit of your imagination. The hills of this region no longer bleed gold, but the invention of “the chip” brokered another boom for the area. And while the cool stuff happening here isn’t magic, it’s no less impressive.

The area has become a mecca for engineers, entrepreneurs and techies. But working in the Bay Area isn’t merely for geniuses; droves of service and support people are needed to keep everyone fed, clothed and comfortable. Many of the Silicon Valley workforce make their homes all over the Bay Area. Whether they live in the hills surrounding San Jose or “over the hill” in beach communities like Santa Cruz, they can still manage a commute of about 90 minutes. But there’s excellent mass transportation.

3. Community-Oriented Spirit

The Bay Area has a reputation for community unity. From the days of settlers striving for survival and prosperity to the free love movement in the 1960s, this area has a reputation for leaving a mark on the world. It’s not just a geographic location, it’s a cultural identity. You become part of that identity once you’re working there.

If you’re working in the Bay Area, you can’t deny the sense of community you feel. From the moment you step foot into downtown San Francisco, the spirit of this place is almost electric. From the trailblazers to the innovators, people in this area have a tendency to pull together.

4. Networking Opportunities

If you hang around in the bars and clubs that surround the different businesses, you don’t hear much bickering. What you do find are competent professionals from competing companies interacting with each other. They aren’t bashing their companies; they’re sharing thoughts and ideas. Many start-ups and ventures have been born from the banter of like-minded, motivated individuals.

Things have a way of just happening here. You never know who’ll end up in your yoga class or stand beside you in line at the organic grocery store. If you’re dedicated to a goal or idea and you’re willing to put in the work, there’s always somebody willing to listen. Each day is a new chance to network.

5. Beauty and Relaxation

People working in the Bay Area work hard and play harder. And why not? They live in one of the most impressive locations on earth. Name your passion — nature, culture, arts, fitness, sports, history and spirituality — they’re all here. In abundance. Find your center. Cut loose. Relax. Whatever you’re into or interested in, you can find it here.

Relieve stress, boost happiness, and gain peace when working in the Bay Area. Very few places in the world offer such a wide variety of options for your spare time. And the region is without a doubt one of the most visually stunning places in America.

6. Versatility

From breathtaking historical significance to breaking-edge technology, the Bay Area has what you’re looking for. Variety and opportunity combine to create a place where you can be anything or as many things as you’re willing to work for.

Give tours of Alcatraz in the mornings and tend bar at a trendy club by night. Work in Silicon Valley by day be and contribute to the arts in your spare time. Working in the Bay Area is a dream most people wouldn’t give up for any other opportunity. When you’re ready to live your dream, contact Zack Adam of Prime Mortgage Lending (dba PrimeRate Mortgage Lending) to find the right home at the right price.