Upcoming Holiday Events in the Bay Area

by | Oct 21, 2019 | Holidays

Upcoming Holiday Events in the Bay Area  

The Bay Area comes to life as we work our way to the holiday season. With Halloween only 10 days away, we know that Thanksgiving and the winter holidays are close behind before we ring in 2020. What “can’t miss” events are happening throughout the Bay Area in the next three months? Here’s a quick guide to help you decide where to go this fall and winter.  


In just 10 days, on Thursday, October 31, the country will celebrate Halloween. But a lot of events may begin to take place sooner, even as soon as this coming weekend. Throughout the greater San Francisco area, there will be plenty of spooky events for children and adults 

In Oakland, check out Boo at the Zoo on October 26 and 27. This is a daytime event, which makes it  perfect for families with little kids. And don’t forget the costumes.  

The scariest haunted house in California, Fear Overload, is also in the area. The attraction has been open since September and will continue to run through early November, so you have plenty of time to see if you can handle the scares behind the walls.  

In San Jose, don’t forget about Great America’s Halloween Haunt. On Fridays and Saturdays through November 2, the theme park transforms for a spooky good time.  

And the famed Winchester Mystery House will be hosting a candlelight tour. Yes, that’s right. You’ll walk through this real-life haunted mansion with nothing but candles to guide your way.  


During the Thanksgiving season, we encourage everyone to volunteer in the community. Don’t forget the many soup kitchens, community centers, and places of worship that will be providing a hot meal to persons experiencing homelessness in the greater Bay Area.  

You can find other Thanksgiving events here.  

Winter Holidays 

At GoPrime of California, we think it’s important to honor all of the winter holiday traditions, and we know that plenty of events are happening around the Bay Area for everyone.  

  • Christmas 
  • Hanukkah  
  • Solstice 
  • Kwanzaa 

Whatever you choose to celebrate, there are plenty of ways to honor the giving spirit, enjoy the season, and give back in your community. 

There are plenty of Christmas activities, both spiritual and secular, happening around the city.   

If you’re a nature lover celebrating the solstice, check out local hikes or take a cold plunge into the ocean. You can stay up all night on December 21 to welcome the sun on the shortest day of the year.  

The JCC East Bay will be celebrating Hanukkah this year when it falls from December 22nd through December 30.  

Kwanzaa celebrations will be held throughout the Bay Area in African American communities from December 26 through January 1 of 2020. If you have information on any of these events, please share them with us.  

While Zachery Adam and the team at GoPrime in California will be celebrating the holidays in the Southern Appalachian Mountains all the way across the country, they’ll be available for you as you learn more about buying your next California home.  Contact Zachery Adam and the team at GoPrime 


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