Top 5 Gadgets for Home Automation

by | Jul 29, 2019 | Home Tips

Top 5 Gadgets for Home Automation 

Smart technology, much of it born right here in Silicon Valley, is changing the way we interact with our own surroundings. The internet of things connects many of the household utilities we take for granted that we can now control with a voice or remote command. Google Home and Amazon Echo home automation have become commonplace in the American home, so it’s no surprise that we are now connecting more devices to themHere are some of the ways your California home can incorporate smart technology to help you live easier.   

Cold or Hot or a Little of Both 

There isn’t a relationship that we know of where a couple agrees completely on the preferred indoor temperatureBut a smart thermostat can save a lot of relationships from heating and cooling related arguments. They can set, adjust, and anticipate settings for maximum comfort. Connect it to your Alexa or Google Home Automation to use voice commands to turn it up or down. This is also a money saving tool since you can adjust the temperature remotely and save energy while you’re away.    

Fire Prevention  

Not all smart tech is about saving money, some also save lives. Smoke detectors aren’t just a good idea, they’re required. But a smart smoke detector can take your safety to the next level. A device like this will send alerts to your smart phone if an incident occurs while you’re away from home so you can get the help you need faster.  

Conserve Water and Save 

We know that curb appeal is important along with the health of your lawn and gardenYou may spend a lot of time watering the grounds around your home. Many people install sprinkler systems, which can help save water, but they also have downsides. A leak in an installed sprinkler system can cause massive problems for your yard and your walletAdding smart sprinkler controller allows you to have a customized irrigation system that you can control with your smart phone even when you’re not home.  

Shed Some Light On It 

Have you ever walked into your completely dark home with your hands full and fumbled for the switch or tripped over a family pet? And years of Hollywood horror has taught us that this sets the stage for a bloody massacre, though that isn’t likely. Tripping hazards are still a real danger, so why can’t you just ask your lights to turn on. Smart lights paired with your Google Home or Amazon Echo home automation will let you control the lamps and lights with a simple voice commandAll you need are inexpensive plug adaptors that you then set up with your smart assistant.  


Many cars today already have keyless entry. Did you know that tech is also available for your home? A smart door lock will keep you from having to fumble for your keys when you get homeSome systems even allow you to grant remote access as friends or visitors arrive before you get homeYou also don’t have to have that mild panic attack when you’ve left home and wonder if you locked the door. Just open up the smart phone app and make sure.  

What is your experience with the Internet of Things? We’d love to hear from you at GoPrime in California 

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