Perhaps the right question to ask is what Realtors look for in professional partners. What do real estate agents want from a lender — or from any professional they work with? The answers are surprisingly simple and unexpectedly elusive. And yet, many Realtors recommend Prime Mortgage Lending of West Asheville.

Saying Realtors’ jobs can be stressful is a vast understatement. They have to work with difficult clients — homebuyers who have unreasonable expectations about how easy it should be to buy a house. Even when the house hunting goes smoothly, Realtors then must rely on financial institutions to be efficient. The whole financial side of the process lies entirely out of their control. When the real estate agent becomes the middleman between a slow-moving lender and an anxious client, it can get frustrating.

Close on Time, Every Time

One reason Realtors recommend Prime Mortgage Lending of West Asheville is due to Prime’s excellent track record. Its motto — and its goal — is to “close on time, every time.” That means that the team at Prime works hard to avoid surprises in the process so that the mortgage loan closes as scheduled. Realtors love this for two reasons:

  1. Clients get into their new homes without delays.
  2. Realtors get paid only after the sale is concluded.

So if a mortgage loan closes quickly, the real estate agent can be paid for all the work done in preparation of the sale. If a mortgage loan drags on, month after month in a series of misadventures and missed deadlines, then the Realtor has to wait longer to be paid. And there’s always the danger that the sale will fall through, meaning the commission check dissolves into thin air.

Variety, the Spice of Life

Prime Mortgage Lending, Inc., is an independent mortgage lender, so it works a little differently than a bank’s mortgage department. Since Prime has its own source of funds, it doesn’t need to rely on a bank or other financial institution. Since it’s independent, it can determine for itself if a homebuyer is risk-worthy. This in itself presents a number of advantages for Realtors:

  • Prime Mortgage Lending offers a wide variety of mortgage loan products.
  • Credit scores are important, but they’re not the end of the story. Prime can work with a variety of clients, some of whom other lenders might turn down.
  • Prime’s Loan Officers, like Zachery “Zack” Adam, can match each client to the right loan to meet a specific need.

Realtors recommend Prime because they know their clients are in good hands. Zack finds ways to work with most clients. He gets mortgages that work, loans that fit the client’s budget with the best rates and terms available. Realtors know they can trust Zack with their clients’ financial needs.

Being Green Is Keen

Prime Mortgage Lending of West Asheville is a member of the Western North Carolina Green Building Council. Building sustainably is important to Zack, and he supports it both personally and professionally. Real estate agents in Western North Carolina respect that and know they can count on him if they have clients who lean green.

So green-centric Realtors recommend Zack because they trust him to work hard for their clients. WNC has many real estate agents who deal only or mostly in green-built homes. Since Zack wants to promote green building, he does his part to keep the industry thriving in Western North Carolina. Zack’s passionate about what he does, and Realtors acknowledge and respect that.

Dependable and Referable

Real estate agents are busy people. They need professionals they can trust, which is why Realtors take their clients to Prime Mortgage Lending. Zack makes sure that homebuyers get the attention they deserve. He does everything he can to give all clients the right mortgage loan, one that matches their needs. Combined with his record for closing on time, it’s no wonder Realtors recommend him.

Like the best Realtors, Zack honors his word. He makes the whole mortgage process transparent by explaining to clients what will happen every step of the way. That’s why clients like him too. And when homebuyers are happy, they are much more likely to do business with their Realtors again, as well as make referrals.

Easy to Work with

Besides being a top-notch professional, Zack is also a nice guy — easygoing and friendly. That makes for less stressful situations and calm discussions. Zack never creates drama or tension; in fact, he more often dispels it. He genuinely likes what he does, and it shows. From his perspective, what’s not to like? He’s helping people buy a new home. How cool is that?

Zack values his professional relationships with real estate agents, and that makes those Realtors recommend him. When they know he’ll get along with their clients, it’s one less thing the Realtors have to worry about. Zack makes it easier for both the homebuyer and the Realtor. In return, Realtors recommend him because they like and trust him.

Good Advice and Follow-Through

Zack believes in getting homebuyers pre-qualified. It helps Realtors and homebuyers when they know how much house they can afford. It narrows the search and reveals any financial issues way early in the process. So when Zack suggests that real estate agents ask their clients to get pre-qualified, it’s good advice, and it’s another reason Realtors recommend Prime Mortgage Lending.

When a client is pre-qualified, it also makes the final stages of closing on a home much smoother. And if any problems are uncovered, there’s still enough time to straighten them out before the deadlines hit. Zack works with homebuyers to get their finances in order before they put an offer on a house. He follows through so the closing happens on time, every time.

As you can see, Realtors recommend Prime Mortgage Lending for many reasons. Find out how Zack Adam can help get your clients pre-qualified by talking to Zack. Call 828.348.1907 or get in touch with him online.