Mortgage Document Checklist

What mortgage documents you need when you apply

Every application for a mortgage loan is not created equal. Your requirements will be different from your neighbors’ — it depends on your situation and the type of loan you’re applying for. So as you look over the Mortgage Document Checklist below, don’t hyperventilate. Relax. Then ask your independent mortgage lender which mortgage documents you’ll need for your specific case.

Below, you’ll find the complete Mortgage Document Checklist you may need for approval or pre-approval, by category.

It is presented here to give you a general idea what supplemental documentation you’ll need when applying for a mortgage. If you have specific questions about the Mortgage Document Checklist , send them to Zachery Adam of Prime Mortgage Lending and Equity Services, Inc.

Full List of Mortgage Documents

Personal Information

These items you absolutely will need:

  • Copy of a current picture ID card, either your driver’s license or passport
  • Copy of your permanent resident card or visa (If Applicable)
  • Copy of your social security card


Employment Information

To show proof of your earned income from employment, you may need these documents:

  • Copy of federal personal tax returns, with all attached schedules for the last two years
  • W2 forms from the last two years
  • 1099 forms from any contract employment for the last two years
  • Paystubs from the most recent 30 days for ALL INCOME RECEIVED
  • Contact person (name and phone number) for the Human Resource or other individual to verify your PAST AND PRESENT EMPLOYMENT from all employers for the past two years


Business Information

If you own your own business, you may need to show how successful you’ve been:

  • Copy of your business license
  • Year-to-date profit and loss statement for the current year
  • Copy of federal business tax returns, with all attached schedules for the last two years (for all entities/businesses)


Other Resources Information

If you are receiving income from other sources, you may need to account for it:

  • Statements from any retirement and savings accounts covering the last 60 DAYS (all pages even if blank)
  • Copy of your bank statements for the last two months (all pages even if blank)
  • Copy of lease agreements on any investment properties
  • 1099 forms for any Social Security, disability or pension you received for the last two years
  • Copy of your Current Social Security Award letters
  • Copy of your Disability Award letter


Mortgage Information

If you already own a house or if you’re applying for a specific kind of mortgage (such as a VA loan), you may need some of these documents:

  • Copy of your cancelled earnest money deposit check (front and back)
  • Copies of cancelled rent checks from the last 12 consecutive months (front and back), unless you’re renting from a management company
  • Your landlord’s or management company’s contact name and phone number
  • Signed copy of the closing statement of your current home, when it sells (all pages)
  • VA certificate of eligibility (form DD 214 from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs)
  • Copy of your current mortgage statement, if applicable
  • Copy of your mortgage note, which you should have received when you closed
  • Copy of your Tax and Insurance bill


If Applicable

  • Student Loan Statements (includes payment/terms/interest rate)
  • Divorce Decree /Marital Settlement Agreement
  • Living Trust docs (if property is vested in a Trust)

If you have additional properties please provide the following items:

  • Copy of tax bill
  • Copy of mortgage statement
  • Copy of Homeowners insurance policy
  • Copy of lease agreements for any investment properties.
  • Copy of Homeowners Association Dues

Contact Zachery Adam at 828-242-4780 or use the online form to send a question about your particular situation. Zachery can answer your questions and narrow down the Mortgage Document Checklist for your situation. Zachery loves helping homebuyers!

“I have had the pleasure of working a number of deals with Zachery Adam. I have come to find, in my experience as an agent, the mortgage process can be the most daunting and overwhelming for the client and present the most obstacles in the home buying process. This is where Zack really excels. From the client introduction to the closing, there is great, transparent and seamless communication between our client, Zack and myself. Zack is great at providing information and answering any questions the client may have before and during the process. If any issues arise, they are handled with a calm demeanor and a positive attitude. Anytime I get to work with Zack on a deal I feel confident that it will be a smooth deal that closes on time.”

Nick Hinton - Realtor

“I never thought getting a mortgage would be so fun! From our first phone call to the day of closing, Zack extended the utmost courtesy, kindness and respect. I depended on his thorough knowledge and experience to find the best options for me and to help me understand each step of the process. He corresponded with me around the clock at lightning speed, and made me feel comfortable asking any questions. Most meaningfully to me, Zack showed an investment, and even an excitement, in my personal homebuying process that would better befit a friend than a loan officer. I want to tell everyone I know how great this guy is.”

Closed purchase loan

“I have had the pleasure of Zachery’s expertise on two loans. A full purchase and later a refinance. During both transactions Zachery not only provided excellent transparency of all the moving parts involved but also came to the table with multiple financial options that were relevant and reasoned against my personal financial aims which he inquired about from the beginning. Zachery’s promptness, attention to detail and willingness to work aggressively behind the scenes to keep everyone involved focused on accurate paperwork, timely follow up and effort resulted in both transactions closing early and no surprises. He has a very calm, friendly, confident demeanor which makes it very easy to work with him. I hold him in very high regard and would unconditionally recommend him for any mortgage needs one might have.”

Closed refinance loan. Temecula, CA

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