Happy Holidays from the Team at Prime Mortgage Lending, Inc.

This holiday season we want to take a short break in writing about financing and real estate and talk a little about holiday traditions. A home in which to enjoy a cocoa by the fire, tell stories about seasonal traditions, and exchange gifts with loved ones is a joyous experience to celebrate. And that’s what we at Prime Mortgage Lending, Inc. want for you and your families. So how do our families celebrate the holidays?

Multi-Cultural Holidays for The Whole Season

Zachery and his family start the season with Thanksgiving, their favorite holiday. They travel to the beach for a warm ocean view to go with their turkey dinner. Once home in December, they celebrate Hanukkah by lighting candles and exchanging gifts over the 8-night holiday. For the New Year, they’ve practiced the Yoruba tradition of throwing flowers in the waves for the African goddess Yemaya.
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Celebrating our Similarities, Not Marking Our Differences

Teona, our Director of Creativity, has a multi-faith household as well. Teona is Catholic and her partner is Muslim, so they read favorite stories from the Bible and Quran and take a closer look at the traditions. From Teona’s Spanish Catholic upbringing, gift giving was always done on Three Kings Day rather than Christmas morning. Other family traditions include putting up a tree to honor Teona’s late mother using her beloved decorations.
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Enjoying The Outdoors in Western North Carolina

Client Relations Manager, Cody, likes to bring the holiday celebrations outdoors. During the week after Christmas he, his son, and twenty of their closest friends head out of town for a golfing adventure. They say it’s a friendly tournament, but since everyone is a professional golfer, it gets pretty competitive. Cody has been doing this for 25 years.
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How do you celebrate the holidays in your home? Contact the team at Prime Mortgage Lending, Inc. to learn how to make a holiday in your own home a reality in 2018.