A Great First Step is to Get Pre-Qualified for Your Mortgage
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So often, homebuyers start their process by contacting real estate agents and looking at homes. But if your budget doesn’t allow you to buy the home you’ve fallen in love with, you’ll be disappointed in the end. Don’t wait until you’ve already found your dream home to discuss financing. Talk to Zachery Adam at GoPrime Mortgage, Inc. to get pre-qualified before you start house hunting in the Bay Area.

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Get Pre-Qualified 

GoPrime Mortgage, Inc. begins the process of pre-qualification by running and evaluating your credit report. This step is typically done when you want to pre-apply for a mortgage, so we get you one step ahead. You will also need to supply us with your financial information so we can create a complete picture. Thoroughness now saves you time later in the process. You will also have peace of mind knowing your California homebuying budget. 

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We Give You More

When you pre-qualify for a mortgage with GoPrime Mortgage, Inc., we give you more than you’ll find with our competition. You’ll receive a pre-qualification letter with the loan amount and our process of due diligence ensures you can make an offer on your California home with confidence.

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Advantages of Pre-Qualification for Your California Home 

The process of pre-qualification for a mortgage can help your Loan Officer determine the best type of mortgage loan for your situation. GoPrime Mortgage, Inc. can offer many different types of mortgage loans including FDA, VA and more. With Zachery Adam, you have an ally looking out for your best interests who can get you a great rate on a California mortgage. 

Pre-Approval vs. Pre-Qualification 

What’s the difference between pre-approval and pre-qualification?  

Pre-qualification at any lender is usually just a rough guess of how much the bank or institution would be willing to lend. It doesn’t offer any guarantees. Often, pre-qualification is based on estimates of your income, debts and assets.   

GoPrime Mortgage, Inc. asks you to substantiate that information upfront so that your pre-qualification means a lot more. We want to remove guessing from the equation.  

You also have the option of completing a pre-approval process before beginning your California house hunt. It can position you as a serious and well-prepared homebuyer, which will impress many sellers and agents. Pre-approval takes time, more than a typical pre-qualification. Pre-approval is essentially the same process as a loan application, and requires the same documentation.

This is why our pre-qualification process is a great first step.

Call Zachery at 831-226-1210 or contact us online to start the discussion about the best California mortgage for you If youre pre-qualified for a mortgage before you look for your Bay area home, you’ll know exactly what you can afford.  

For a complete and inclusive mortgage solution, GoPrime Mortgage, Inc. will be your partner with honesty, transparency and integrity. GoPrime Mortgage, Inc. is the complete package when you compare our services to banks and other independent mortgage lenders.  Apply Securely Online today.


Get More Information 

The links below offer more information about the mortgage process. Discover why you can trust GoPrime Mortgage, Inc. to finance your California home purchase. 

Making the biggest investment of your life so far means it’s important to find a lender with whom you connect. Learn as much as you can about the home-buying process. As a first time homebuyer make sure you find the right house and get the right mortgage.

Loan Products

GoPrime Mortgage, Inc. offers more mortgage types than most banks. Review the variety of mortgage loans and read their descriptions. To understand the differences call Zachery 

Mortgage Tips

If you’re applying for a mortgage here’s an invaluable list of things to do or avoid during the process. Even seasoned real estate investors can use a refresher. Get good advice on the dos and don’ts of buying your first home in the Bay Area.  


What do you need to apply for a loan? The answer is different for everyone. Heres a complete list to give you an idea. While you won’t need everything on this checklist, review it to get an idea of what your independent mortgage lender will ask about. For a more specific list, send Zachery a message. 


Everyone has questions about buying their first California home and applying for a mortgage loan. This page answers the most common questions people have. These frequently asked questions are a resource for you. See if your questions are answered here. 

Homebuyer’s Guide

Law requires that you be provided the homebuyer’s guide when you apply for a loan. Before you dig into the massive text, heres a helpful summary. You will get a copy; but this page summarizes what’s in that disclosure. 


As you explore the rabbit hole of mortgage loans, you’ll come across terms and acronyms that you don’t know. Look here for help.  You’re not expected to know all the terms and phrases. Look here first or ask any questions you may have. 

Enjoy a mortgage process built for the modern world.

Borrowers can easily complete a loan application, upload supporting documentation, eSign disclosures, and monitor the status of their loan — in a single, easy-to-use location. Apply Securely Online

What do you need before you can be pre-qualified?  

To be pre-qualified for a mortgage loan with GoPrime Mortgage, Inc. there are a variety of documents required. Each case is different, our Document Checklist page can give you an idea of the most commonly requested documents 

 If your current situation is unusual, such as multiple sources of income or complicated tax returns, your loan officer can notify the underwriters ahead of time to help speed up the review process.  

After you’ve been pre-qualified, you can find a house and make an offer knowing your loan process will be quicker and easierBeing prequalified makes everything smoother.   

At GoPrime Mortgage, Inc., our goal is to help you find Your Path Home. Pre-qualification can help us reach that goal. 

Don’t wait, apply now to get pre-qualified for a California mortgage by the experts at GoPrime Mortgage, Inc.

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Zack is the best! We bought our first house through him in 2015, and then were happy to have occasion to work with him again recently for an investment property. He even suggested a way to parcel the land before purchase that made a major and immediate improvement in our ROI. In addition to being all over the details and offering some of the best rates in town (oh, we like him, but we still shopped), he’s also a great, fun guy to work with. Yay Zack!” 

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