Downsizing Your California Home

by | Aug 26, 2019 | Home Tips

Downsizing Your California Home  

Home prices can be insane in the Bay Area. That means a lot of people are thinking of going smaller. Tapping into the recent trends inspired by Marie Kondo and tiny houses, what do you need to know about downsizing at home? If going smaller is important to you whether you’re in your current home or moving into a new one, here are some tips to get started.  

Moving into a Smaller Space 

If you’ve sold a larger California home, you may be taking that money and investing it into a smaller space. Transitioning from a 3000 or even 2000 square foot home into a home 1000 square feet or less can be challenging, both physically and mentally.  

It’s about determining what you want out of your life. Where you live is important, but it’s also important to feel comfortable and satisfied. Moving into a smaller space is about embracing the philosophy of smaller living. Get into the right mindset when you start and the process will be smoother.  

How to Declutter 

If you do want to declutter, start by taking a deep breath. You’ve got this. It may look like a lot of stuff, but tackle one thing at a time.  

Start with one drawer, cupboard, or closet. Once you get through that, go through the rest of the room. One thing at a time until you’ve cleared out an entire room and kept only the essentials.  

You can donate anything you no longer find useful, which can make you feel good. Even if you can’t use it, someone can. Also, be willing to keep a few things that are sentimental to you. To declutter, you don’t have to reduce your belongings to zero. But know that sometimes you need to let go of things as well to help you move forward.  

How to Readjust Your Lifestyle 

An important thing to note is that downsizing isn’t actually about your stuff at all. It’s about freeing yourself from your stuff to be able to live a fulfilled life. Often, we feel trapped in the cycle of buying and owning. But that initial rush you get from buying something new is fleeting at best.  

By downsizing, you reduce your home to only the essentials. This can give you back your time and money to do more of the things you love.  

Avoid Getting More Things 

But how do you stop accumulating things and cluttering up your new home? There are a few tricks that can help.  

One in, One Out 

When you get a new thing, an old thing has to go. This is great for children and helps them understand the value of things. If they want a new toy, they have to pick an old toy to donate. If they don’t want to part with it, they don’t get the new toy.  

You can do this with the rest of your things, too. For example, many local bars and breweries do a pint night where you get a free pint glass. If you have too many, you can keep one only if you get rid of an old one.  

Capsule Wardrobe and Other Clothing Tricks 

Another thing a lot of simpleliving advocates encourage is creating a capsule wardrobe. This can take a couple of forms. Keeping only clothes on hand that can mix and match with one another will allow you to have fewer things. Some take it to the next level for the workplace, especially women. Buy enough of the same pair of slacks or shirt to get through the work week. Do the same with tops or blouses. Men often wear the same clothes to work every day, so professional women are taking that cue as well.  

If you’re trying to downsize your wardrobe, try this trick. Hang everything up with the hangers all facing the same way. When you wear something, hang it up with the hanger backwards. After about a month or so, evaluate to see what you don’t wear and donate those items.  

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