Avoid These Home Buying Horror Stories

by | Oct 28, 2019 | Buying a Home

Scary Real Estate Stories We Tell in the Dark  

The walls creaked and the storm raged outside the small, cramped apartment. A young couple waits by the phone, hoping it will ring to bring them news of the offer they put in on their dream home. But the ghosts are restless, and the feeling of dread starts to fall over them. In spite of all the wanting in the world, when the phone rings, the news is dire.   

They were not able to buy their California dream home.  

But why? Not getting approved for a mortgage after falling in love with a house is a nightmare that can be avoided. What haunted stories are looming in the dark for California home buyers this Halloween season?  

The Winchester Mystery House 

Not every home buying haunted house story is the same. In San Jose there’s one you can visit that is full of restless ghosts. The widow of the Winchester gun fortune, Sarah Winchester, felt haunted by the spirits lost to her husband’s business. What began as a dream home slowly took a turn as the Winchester widow dedicated the rest of her life to constantly building onto her estate.  

Today, the Winchester Mystery House is on the national historic register and open for tours all year long. You can see one woman’s descent into madness, fueled by fortune, preserved for all eternity.  

This Halloween, if you’re up for it, you can take a candlelight tour of the Winchester Mystery House. The tour brings you across the 13 doors to nowhere that Mary Winchester installed in her mansion. The tour runs across 26 nights through the Halloween haunting season and will give you chills and thrills that a jump-scare haunted house can’t provide.  

But you don’t have to have this kind of haunted house to experience a home buying horror story. It won’t just be things that go bump in the night that keep you from sleeping when you’re uncertain about your financial future.  

What are some myths of home buying that can come back to haunt your future decisions?  

Shopping Online for Your Next Home 

We know shopping for mortgages is nowhere near as fun as looking at homes for sale online. No one daydreams about the down payment on their next home as they scroll through financial websites. But shopping for homes online does give your endorphins a kick as you see photos and begin to imagine yourself living your perfect life.  

So, you’ve found a home online that you love. What happens next? You can reach out to the agent to schedule a showing, tour the home, fall in love, and make an offer.  

But what if the happily ever after never comes?  

Making Mortgages More Magical  

The truth is, mortgages should be less shrouded in mystery for home buyers. Daydreaming about your perfect home is one thing, but not being able to buy it is a real nightmare. Looking at homes is exciting; shopping for a mortgage should give us the same impression.  

What should you do to ensure that you can buy the home you want when you want it? We recommend going through the prequalification process to determine your budget before you start looking at homes.  That way, you can fall in love with the right California home and not stress the details.   

Get Pre-qualified 

There is only one way to prevent a haunted story for your home buying experience. That’s to become prequalified prior to looking for a new home. To do that, there are a few steps you’ll need to take, but they’re all easy and not scary at all.  

GoPrime Mortgage, Inc. starts by running and evaluating your credit report. This step is typically done when you want to pre-apply for a mortgage, so our process takes you one step further to help you along the way. To start, you supply our team with your financial information so we can create a complete financial picture. If we can be thorough now, you’ll save time and a lot of heartache when you put an offer in on your California dream home.  

We can’t stress enough that the home buying pre-qualification process will be much less frightening than putting in an offer without knowing your financial picture. You save time, money, and will be able to shop with confidence knowing exactly what your budget is before you make an offer.  

How to Choose a Lender 

The internet is truly a magical thing. Well, it’s not literal magic, but it can connect people across the country to one another in real time. And that’s exactly the tool you need to find the right lender in California. When you choose to partner with GoPrime of California, you’re working with an independent mortgage lender with ties to the Bay Area. 

Don’t take the risk that your daydream of a perfect home could turn out to be a nightmare of a haunted house. Contact the team at GoPrime to find out how we can help you today with your home buying dreams.  Contact Zachery Adam and the team at GoPrime 

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